Sunday, February 20, 2011

Meet Bobby - A New Blogger

I love it when new comments come in on my blog posts because it gives me the chance to meet new stutterers and gives me greater insight to our community and just who is a part of it. Meet the author of the new stuttering blog Stutter Step.

What do I know about Bobby? Not much, admittedly, except that he is a professional software developer, that he loves his Dad, and that he is a good writer. I hope he will continue his seems he has just started this year. I particularly enjoyed his two most recent posts, a review of the tremendous film, "The King's Speech" and his list of favorite celebrity stutterers. James Earl Jones, as Bobby relates, is indeed very intriguing because, although a former stutter, his most famous claim to fame is his VOICE WORK. The last line in the entry about Bruce Willis made me laugh.

I hope you check him out...his blog entries are really easy to read...nothing too get pretty quickly that he loves life and doesn't let his stutter hinder his love for life. Good for him. We could all take a lesson.

Funny what you can pick up about a person just from what they write. :)

Welcome, Bobby!!

Friday, February 04, 2011

Stuttering Michael Jackson Impersonator

I am a double threat. I am a stutterer and I love Michael Jackson. I was browsing through YouTube this afternoon and I came across this 12-year-old boy from Turkey who does a spot on Michael Jackson dance impersonation...but, before he dances, he speaks...and you can't help but notice that he has a pronounced stutter. God bless those youngsters who do not let their stutter/stammer stop them from doing what they love to do. Going on live television is hard do so with as a stutter/stammer must be even harder. That kid has talent!