Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Thanks for the help! NOT!

I know that most people who make attempts to help a stutterer are probably only doing so because they are uncomfortable with the stuttering episode ensuing and they probably want to do something to help. Unfortunately, mostly they are not helping…rather they are underscoring the problem even more.

I find that the biggest help are the people who simply act as if nothing is happening at all…acting like they didn’t even notice.

So…I wanted to post a few things that I find annoying from those trying to help…and keep in mind, I know they mean no harm and these are really just for amusement. I appreciate those who really care:

1. People who finish your sentence for you. (Thanks for UNDERSCORING my inability to do so!)

2. People who tell you to "slow down" when you talk. (Like I'm that much of an idiot...gee, I never thought of that!)

3. People who tell you to take a deep breath before you talk. (Wow, thanks. I'M CURED!!!)

4. All the people who think they know how to "cure" your stutter. (There's always one in a crowd, isn’t there? “Well, gee, all ya gotta do is…”)

5. People who don't know you stutter and who mock you right after you do stutter, thinking it's funny. (It’s not.)

6. People who say, "You could stop if you really wanted to. You just have to want to." (Thank you, Tony Robbins!!)

7. People who say, "Oh, everyone does it. I stutter, you stutter, all God's chillen stutter! (As if it's not a real impediment at all...it’s just like how everyone stubs their toe now and then.)

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