Friday, May 19, 2006

Been Awhile

But, I'm still here. Focusing on law school has been stressful and considering our company was "hostilly" taken over, I've been a bit pre-occupied...and perhaps that has been to blame for my downward trend of fluency. I'm going through a frustrating phase right now where I rarely find a fluent moment in casual conversation and most of my tricks aren't helping me out. My son finds it funny sometimes. I don't.

Typical conversation with him:

Him: What time are we supposed to be at the studio today?
Me: Travis called and said we should be there by (attempts a trick to save the word "five"...doesn't work)...he said to be there*sigh*....*expletive*...FIVE THIRTY!!!

The cuss word usually helps, interestingly enough, but I don't think I'll advocate that method since it's not conducive for normal, social behavior. :)

Recently, my blocks are getting *stronger* and less responsive to my usual tricks...the ones that used to fool people into thinking I'm fluent. You can read older posts to see what those are.

Anyway, I have a huge exam coming up in June, my son will be starting high school this fall, GAS PRICES ARE SKY HIGH, and work is a bit above the stressful line, so maybe this is all converging to cause me greater difficulty at the moment. I'm sure I'll have a downward trend and become more fluent over time. It always comes and goes in cycles like this.

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