Friday, November 24, 2006

Thinking of Writing a Book

Yes, I've been out of my own loop, doing other projects that have needed my attention, but I sincerely want to re-focus my attention on this blog. Thanks for all who have been commenting on my posts...I promise to respond to them all. Also, if you've linked to me and then informed me that you did so, asking for a reciprocation: you will get it. Thank you.

I'm in the process of outlining an idea for a book on stuttering. It will not be an academic work, since I have no credentials for such a thing. Rather, it will be somewhat of a guide for non-stutters. I was talking with a friend recently about my stuttering and about some common reactions I get from people in general. Some of them are humorous...most of them are the result of ignorance on the experience of stuttering and what we go through.

My friend said that such a book would be interesting and had the potential for being entertaining and even humorous. I am a writer by trade, though the professional writing I have done is not related to the endeavor of writing a book. I find the prospect very appealing, however, so I will embark on the journey and see where it takes me.

I do have a "rambling satire" blog that I maintain and even had it transformed into a book ("Blook") for the Lulu Blook Contest. The book and the blog is entitled, "Don't Read This". I would explain what rambling satire is, but it is probably best explained by simply reading some of the meandering entries for yourself, linked below:

Don't Read This

Anyway, I am back and hopefully I'll be able to relay some recent insights I've had about my stuttering, as well as some of my more recent experiences.


mrkeith12 said...

I just found this blog and I'm glad I did. I stutter as well and I'm a student getting an MBA. It's very hard, as you know. Some days are better than others but it can be so frustrating trying to talk. I liked this entry about writing a book and I was wondering if you've ever read Rob Bloom's work. Rob Bloom is a comedy writer who also stutters and he's written several (not comedy) articles about his experiences. You can read them on the Stuttering Foundation website or just google it.

Good luck and thanks again for the great blog. I've bookmarked it.

Good luck.


Law Student said...

No, I've never read his books...I'll check him out, though. Thanks for the kudos! I'll try to update as often as time permits. :)