Wednesday, January 31, 2007

The McGuire Programme?

In all of my blogging and research on stuttering, I had never heard of The McGuire Programme. Apparently it is an intensive 4-day program coupled with follow-up coaching with a personal coach, a graduate of the program and some follow-up courses you are able to attend for a modest fee. Most of the coaches listed on the site are from places other than the United States...a great deal from UK and Australia.

Since I am always looking for new therapies and information about possible "cures" or "recovery programs" for stuttering, this one intrigued me. Apparently it's been featured on mainstream networks and other visible venues.

I scoured the sight looking for any hint as to the method of therapy...and found very little information. I'd love to hear from some graduates of this program who can give some insight. There is no way I'll pay for a program I know very little about and am not at least moderately sure will help me.

The program is run by its own members...not a host of doctors or "experts" in speech pathology. I like that. I know it's a bad comparison, but this method is the same one that allows AA to be so successful. :)

Anyway, if you are interested in reading about the program, visit this website: and I will post more information if and as I get it. Again, if you are in this program or are a coach or a successful graduate, I'd love to hear from you.

Edited: I did find a blog post that gives a little information about the techniques used:

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enquiries said...


I am the author of Mucho Habla, the blog you quoted, and am a member of The McGuire Programme. It is a great programme which is run purely by recovering stammerers and addresses both the physical and physcological issues using costal breathing and non-avoidance techniques. The support network is second to none with thousands of members worldwide all happy to talk on the phone for practice. I would be more than happy to answer any questions you have about the programme and our techniques. Feel free to contact me on

I also notice that two of the blogs that you link to are by other McGuire members whom I know well, "I'm Stuck No More" and "Smithy Strikes Back". I will add your blog to my blog roll.

Congratulations on a great blog.

Kind regards,

Michael Hay.