Monday, January 22, 2007

The Stuttering Brain

I've only ever met people I've met online a handful of times. Maybe even only 3 or less. Today I am honored to be meeting up with Tom Weidig (from Luxembourg) from the stuttering blog (see left link) The Stuttering Brain. He actually called me on Friday evening to agree on a date, time & place.

I am nervous about this meeting because, as I've said before, ordinarily, I avoid other stutterers if I can. A little too much reality for me sometimes. I don't like having a mirror placed in front of my face. However, it might be, I'm a fan of Tom's blog, so it's going to be nice to actually talk to him.

If you have read his blog or credentials, you'll know that he's very educated...having obtained both a Master's degree and a PhD. I'm still working on my graduate law degree.

Have a click over to his blog if you get the chance.


Tom Weidig said...

I am NOT from Germany, but from Luxembourg, a small country between Germany, France, and Belgium!

Anyway, it was nice meeting up with you!

Law Student said...

Woops. Never got around to fixing that. Hope your time here was nice (except the rain today). I'll change that...shows my lack of geography knowledge. :) I wish we could have gotten together again, but it was wonderful talking to you that evening. You certainly learned some things about me and my stutter which I rarely share. :)