Monday, February 12, 2007

Morning Stutter

Do you find that you are less fluent at specific times of the day? Ordinarily, I stutter the most early in the morning. This morning, for example, I was getting ready for work and my sister passed through the hall. It's not usual for her to get up so early (6:30am) and so I attempted to ask her, "Why are you up so early?"...but nothing would come out. Total block. My "tricks" didn't even work. I waited patiently for it to pass...but it didn't. Finally, I just sighed heavily and stepped back into the bathroom. My sister, accustomed to my stuttering, answered the question, knowing what I was trying to ask. "Thanks," I muttered.

I think I'm less fluent in the morning because it's already more difficult to talk when you first get up, am I right? Your mouth isn't fully in gear yet and most even have that groggy/sleepy voice when they first get up. Ordinarily, I try not to speak to anyone in the morning-first, because I'm a big grumpy head-but also because I find it difficult to use my avoidance techniques to get around stuttering. Mostly, they don't work that well before I've been up for at least an hour or more.


Jerome said...

I stutter the most when I'm tired. Both mentally and physically.

At those time I just don't want to talk I think. And if I have to, I only do so without any real pleasure and motivation and then I block more ...

Law Student said...

Yes, I agree. At those times, my "tricks" become very tiring and I get annoyed at myself. Usually, I try to stay away from conversation-conducive situations when I'm tired. :)