Thursday, March 08, 2007

Galina Tchekan - FRAUD ALERT

Again, riding on the coattails of Tom Weidig of The Stuttering Brain Blog…I’m posting about some fraudulent activity he stumbled upon.

Take note of the three sites below. This guy is running three websites, one for homeopathic therapies for stuttering…one for OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder), and one for Anxiety Disorder. All three sites, on the “About Me” page, give lengthy personal testimonials about how the author was afflicted with the “disorder” that each page is about. Huh? He had ALL THREE “disorders”…and is now cured and has developed a product and training in “curing” others? You’ll notice there are no links, connecting these sites together.

Galina Tchekan
1002 Montrose Ave. # 183
Chicago, IL 60613

The sites are heavy in text, but very lacking in actual content. You’ll notice he never says what his “program” entails or what exactly you’ll be taking. Yet, he wants you to cough up $93USD.

I have reported this guy to both the Federal Trade Commission and to the Food & Drug Administration…and I urge you to, as well, to get as many “alerts” in about this guy as possible. He offers no credentials for his therapy or supplements, no research about any effectiveness, and even his information about each of the “disorders” is factually incorrect and very misleading in places. The “testimonial” letter on the OCD site has the feel of having been written by the same person who runs the site…replete with the same awkward English.

He is selling his snake oil, preying on people like us who are desperate for a “cure”. If you have the time, visit these two pages to submit your complaint to the FDA and the FTC.$solcq.actionview

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August said...

Since you have been leaving nasty comments here, we would have to respond.

You have not tried the program. You do not know how effective it is. Yet, you are passing judgments. Moreover, you had a nerve to ask people to report the website even though you had not tried the program yourself.

The programs have been created as a result of going to various alternative medicine practitioners for years and trying their stuff for both conditions- stuttering and compulsive behaviors.

The information that is used for anxiety disorders comes from the original programs. It only excludes the speech component and the compulsive component of conditions. There is a lot of detail about these alternative medicine therapies and what these programs include online.

Natural Therapy for Stuttering teaches one how to use homeopathic remedies, energy medicine techniques, hypnosis, flower essences and visualization techniques in combination for optimum results, and it is targeted towards stuttering. It consists of experimentation notes that have been modified subsequently.

The word "cure" stirs much debate here. The goal of all alternative medicine therapies is to cure a person. All natural remedies have curative powers. Particularly, the need for them diminishes with time.

We all do realize that the "cure" is not possible in every case. In Answers sections of websites, it is clearly stated that the responses to natural remedies will vary. Everybody should be able to see it. It is on the top. People are also free to ask questions.

However, there should always be a significant improvement in reduction of symptoms if one uses natural remedies in combination.

For instance, taking a homeopathic remedy called Sulphur in 1M or 10M potency will reduce not only symptoms of stuttering, but many anxiety symptoms as well in many people who have these problems. However, it is not clear how each person responds to the remedy. Therefore, it is best to combine using it with hypnosis, flower essences and energy medicine. The program explains in detail. What makes one an expert? Having lived through this does.

Lastly, a few comments have to be made about you wanting to become a lawyer. Since you have been insulting to us, we do have a right to be insulting to you.

To be a lawyer, you need to be able to think analytically. You simply do not have this ability. When you graduate from law school, you are probably going to be heavy in debt. You will not get hired anywhere as a lawyer unless you will be able to speak fluently. Even then, the competition among your fluent peers for any law job will be fierce!