Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Delving into YouTube VLogging

So, I finally did it. I want to delve into the VLOG world of YouTube....a lot of my friends are doing it, so I want to, as well. To hell with stuttering. As you'll see by the link, the video is not a trainwreck...but you'll also notice I pulled EVERY SINGLE trick I have out of my arsenal to *hide* my stutter. I think that stutterers will be able to tell...even if you didn't read this, if you stutter and you saw the video, you might suspect that I was stuttering, rather than hesitating as people sometimes ordinarily do. Also, I edited out blocks that I couldn't avoid. The version you will see is actually a lot better than the first attempt. The first attempt was horrible...I was so nervous. This one is much better. I used "word exchanging" so often that sometimes I think my sentences sound a bit awkward...or maybe I'm just be overly sensitive about it.

I think that some stutterers or therapists would tell me that this type of "masking" my stutter is not good for me...that I would do better to simply stutter. I disagree, however. If I was going to do that...I wouldn't even make any videos...and I can't imagine that's better for my self-esteem or social endeavors.

Any thoughts?

Video: http://youtube.com/watch?v=7vsQEP8UxQk


Jerome said...

Great video.

Where was the stuttering?? ;)

Ok, there were a few little hickups but a lot of 'normal-speaking' people talk less eloquently than you do and with a lot more 'ahs' and 'ehms'.

I was impressed. I could do such a video too but apparently I would sound a lot more monotone ... Have to work on that I guess.

Law Student said...

Thanks. I used a lot of word exchanging...I've really gotten it down to an art form. Most people can't tell I stutter. There is a lot of deleted footage where I couldn't even start a sentence at first. Once I get going, it goes better. I got the last sentence out by surprise. I was pleased that I was able to say, "I wouldn't have met otherwise." Surprised myself. :)

MommaWriter said...

I guess I first ought to apologize for lurking on your blog. I found it a little while ago when I was looking for stuttering resources. I have a 5-year-old son with a severe stutter...it's particularly bad right now. I've gotten past the idea that it's going to go away, so I'm working on how best to make sure he keeps his self-esteem and doesn't get too frustrated. If you have any recommendations, I'd be happy to hear them...as if parenting wasn't confusing enough territory as it is, right?

I loved the video. It was enlightening too. I think you're absolutely right that no one who isn't familiar with stuttering would have a clue. I'm not even sure I'd know. I did notice that you speak quickly...which reminds me a lot of my son. Just the pacing of the speech is a little different. Gosh, if my son can speak as fluently as that when he's a little older, I'll be absolutely thrilled...cut scenes and all!


scareykatt said...


All this time I thought you "talk fast."

I need to "talk SLOW" for the people to understand me.

you are very good at editing.

your videos are very FAST PACED.

it NEVER EVER cross my mind about you.

who knew!!! (more)