Monday, May 28, 2007

I Met Richard Dreyfuss

I am the inventory manager at my place of business (book store) and today I was called over to help a customer set up the wireless internet on his computer in the cafe. I was shocked to find that the customer was none other than Academy Award winner, Richard Dreyfuss. Apparently, he frequents our location about once a week and stays for hours.

I didn't react when I met him, just introduced myself. I was amused that he introduced himself, as well. I just smiled and say, "Yes, I know who you are. It's an honor."

I sat and talked with him for about half an hour...he was extremely personable, funny, asked me a lot of questions about my job and then went into an interesting discussion about the current state of technology and our access to information, etc. I didn't really catch all of what he was talking about...I was too preoccupied with the knowledge that I was talking to one of my favorite actors.

Some of my favorite movies that he was in: What About Bob...Mr. Holland's Opus...Nuts...JAWS...The Goodbye Girl...and Close Encounters of the Third Kind.

Anyway, after that, I left him and he sat working on his Mac for about 3 hours. As he began to leave, I was able to help him locate a specific book. It was all very surreal.

Yes, I'm given to being star struck. :)


MommaWriter said...

Funny. I think my husband also met Richard Dreyfuss through his *his* place of business. I think you'd beat him hands down with the length of conversation though. That's cool that he was up for a chat. I don't think he had much of a reputation for being so friendly around DH's work...but then, he works for Apple and Dreyfuss can't get his Mac to work, huh? : ) Could that have something to do with it maybe?

I always *think* I'm immune to being star-struck by other mere mortals...that's until I actually see a celebrity. Not that I've seen too many of them, living a wee bit further from Hollywood than you are. No one comes here. It's just not the kind of place you'd visit, just to visit the town.

Law Student said...

Interesting...maybe he was a bit frustrated with his computer. Yeah, I live in San Diego, so I see celebrities more often than probably most. I've actually seen more here in SD than in L.A. :)

leon said...

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Anonymous said...

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Matthew said...

Although I disagree with you 100% politically, I appreciate your outspokenness as a fellow stutterer.

How is/was going through law school with a stutter?

Gregory said...

Perhaps it was he that came to see YOU! You're quite the star yourself Mr. Tony, with a terriffic following on the web. Yeah, stars on screen that make magic pretending to be someone else are cool. But when YOU portraying YOU is the performance that wins people over... THAT is where the real sun begins to shine. Keep doing what you do, the world is a better place because of it.