Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Camp Our Time!

I was blessed this morning when I undertook my usual morning routine of visiting the various news outlets, YahooNews, CNN, FoxNews and others. I like to get a balanced approach. Browsing Yahoo News, my eye spotted a headline about stutterers who sing to overcome their stutter at a camp. I clicked and watched the video and my heart nearly burst from joy. Here is a camp (Camp Our Time) of 8-18 year old young people, all who stutter, who come together to celebrate their stutter, to be free from the daily stresses of being teased and ostracized and to enjoy the company of others who share in their experiences.

In the video, you will meet a few of the kids at the camp, hear from the camp's founder, Taro Alexander and find out what they experience there. Mostly, though, you will see smiling, happy faces and you'll hear kids singing and rapping and experiencing acceptance and confidence through the arts.

Here is a link to the Camp Our Time blog:
And here is their Official Website:

Take a few minutes to explore the website, you'll get to hear the music they create, see photos of the camp and activities and find the huge difference they are making in these young people's lives. In the midst of our difficult economic times when politicians are debating health care and citizens are up in arms around our country at townhall meetings and the's nice to hear some good, heartwarming news.
Thank you, Taro Alexander and thank you to your staff, as well.

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