Monday, August 10, 2009

What is Stuttering Like?

Imagine that you are able to walk normally down the street, but as soon as you enter the mall, you can only walk normally sometimes. Every once in a while, however, you are unable to walk normally and you suddenly fall down at random moments, seemingly for no reason at all.

Imagine that you are able to see perfectly well while you are driving, but once you get to work, suddenly, your eyes cross and you can't focus on what you are looking...but it only happens once in a while and you can't control when those moments come.

Imagine that you are able to eat normally while you are at home, but when you visit your favorite restaurant, sometimes, unpredictably, your arms refuse to bring the spoon to your mouth, but instead, sling the food over your head or across the table. But, it only happens sometimes and you can't know when those times are coming.
That sounds frustrating, doesn't it?
That is similar to the frustration felt by many stutterers. We can be perfectly fluent in some situations...while in others, we suddenly lose the ability to say two words in a row without sounding like we've had a stroke. No rhyme, no reason.
There are patterns, sometimes. For example, if I'm watching television with a friend and they say, "That guy! That actor! I know him! What's his name?" There is no way I'll be able to answer, even if I know. Why? I don't know.
If someone asks me how old my son is. I have to say, "He'll be 8 next year" because I can't say "seven" during those moments. (My son is not seven, by the way). Why? No idea.
Some years, I have a lot of trouble saying words that begin with "S", but then the next year, it will be words that begin with "L". Why does it change? No idea.
Anyway, this was just on my mind today. I'm on vacation still. Until Thursday. And I'm bored. :)

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