Friday, April 23, 2010

Shut Up, Already!

I hope I don't get hate for this entry...but have any of you stutterers noticed many non-stuttering people who say so much but have so little to say? There is this lady at work, she is a new nurse on the unit and she is "shadowing" our supervisor nurse until she learns the ropes...and this woman, I swear, never shuts up. Every single little detail in her life is a long-winded anecdote to share with anyone who will listen.

Almost every time I found myself in the nurse's station, this woman was boring everyone with some goofy story about her kids or her husband or about her Border Collie or about her horses or about the last hospital she worked in...all sorts of stories that, by all appearances from those listening, nobody wanted to hear. I want to scream at her, "Lady, nobody cares that your husband has a hammer toe or that your horse responds to your emotions or that your toddler son is the next Einstein! Shut up, already!" Let's face it: most of our lives are boring to other people and unless some monumental event takes place or you can contribute to some conversation already taking place where your story might add something to the discussion...can't you please save your insufferable daily anecdotes for a blog?

I rarely talk at work unless I'm consulting with another counselor about the next group session or talking about what's next on the schedule. Oh, we exchange funny stories about the unit when we all sit down for a break or at the end of the day when we are doing reports or other paperwork. We might even update others on our lives, things that others already know. But, for the most part, probably because of my stutter, I don't bore people with my life story. Perhaps if I didn't have this stutter, I would...who knows? Pondering this...perhaps, then, having a stutter is somewhat of a blessing to others?

I am reminded of a classic scene from the John Hughes film, "Planes, Trains, and Automobiles".  The relevant portion comes at about 52 seconds.


Triumph said...

Dont know your religious backgound, so I hope I dont offend you. I am a stutterer and a chrisian and I was doing my devotion this morning and see where Paul says, he prayed to God to take away a hurdle in his life (he termed a thorn)but God said to him, you have this thorn to keep you from being proud so that you can rely on me more.

Your story reminds me of this, probably if we did not stutter, people would want us so much to shut up, or we would be so proud, no one would want to be around us.

Stuttering Stanley said...

That doesn't offend me in the least. Whether Christian or other...the notion that we've been given things to help us grow as a person is a wise thing to ponder.

Mike said...

I think that your personality defines your stutter, not vice versa.