Thursday, September 24, 2009

9 Minute Stuttering Cure Update!!

Okay, so I put some extra money I use for "stupid" things or for things I really don't need. In this case, I put aside $37 so I could check out Steve Stanley's 9-minute stuttering cure.

They say a fool and his money are soon parted...and I would normally agree, but since I set this money aside for the express purpose of finding out what this cure was...let's just say I invested in some "research" for the benefit of the curious and inquisitive.

First, the video is not 9 minutes as the page might lead you to believe. The video is 11:23 minutes long and the "magic bullet" technique is not revealed until the very end. The first 9 minutes of the video consists of a slide show accompanied by an audio recording. Presumably, it is Steve himself talking.

Some of the slides have glaring grammatical errors, at least one of which is an incomplete sentence and another is a misuse of a contraction. The slides go through Steve's opinion on why people stutter, stating people stutter because of the state of mind they are in. Throughout the video (slide show) he continually refers to the "magic bullet" technique that he will reveal at the end and even encourages you to not dismiss it because of its simplicity. He also says it will work only if you apply it. Duh.

The magic bullet? Here goes: He tells you to pause the recording and then think of certain words you have trouble speaking without stuttering....and then shout and sing those words out loud at the top of your lungs (his words) for a period of time. At one point he says to do it 100 times. He says to get in your car if you need the privacy to perform this action.

That's it!

He then says that you will be surprised at the result and encourages you to write to him to report on your success. In his latest email (I signed up for email updates) he says that his technique currently enjoys at around an 83% success rate. Given the lack of objective research, I have no idea how he can come up with any sort of reliable or even reasonable statistic.

There you have it, folks. I haven't tried the technique yet for myself...but I intend to. I won't try it now because my housemates might think I'm insane if I start shouting words that begin with the letter L out loud, much less if I begin singing them. I will wait until I'm alone in my car.  I'll make an update when I have tried it.

One last word, he says that he learned the technique from Tony Robbins, the self help guru. If this is true, how does he have the legal right to charge people for it? It's not even his idea. Does Tony Robbins know that this man is peddling his idea for profit? Someone might want to tell him.


So, I did a search online to see if I could find anything about Tony Robbins and this "technique" that Steve Stanley is peddling. I couldn't find much, all I really found was this blog:

You'll notice that "Robert" (there is even a picture) bought a domain name that is strikingly similar to Steve Stanley's domain name...and he put it on his blog. Another thing you'll notice is that every one of his posts is about Steve Stanley's "stuttering cure" and that every post was made on April 7, 2009.

Hmmm...could this be Steve Stanley posing as an individual who has been cured?


Matt said...

Sigh, these people. Similar thing is going around called "Kill Your Stutter":

Check out this thread if you want to get a better understanding of why people do this:

Matt said...

And check out Mr. "Life is Good" Steve "Stock Photo" Stanley while you're at it:

Matt said...

We stutterers need to be smarter than this. We need to band together in forums. Nobody should buy treatment like this until you've talked about it with other folks. Now that you've paid for it, go post on every stuttering forum you can find before lots of people waste their money!! :) People sense the niche "hungry" stuttering market, and will write anything to take your money. They're heartless, and don't care about us.

Matt said...

This is from

"One can spend over $10,000 or more on speech therapists ... and still not get even a fraction of the real-life results that this can bring. Despite my initial skepticism, I'm quite impressed with what Kill Your Stutter is and is doing for me. I would have never thought!"

- Albert Sheppard
Austin, Texas

This is from

"One can spend over $10,000 or more on penis surgeries or pills ... and still not get even a fraction of the real-life results that this can bring. Despite my initial skepticism, I'm quite impressed with what Grow Your Penis Fast is and is doing for me. I would have never thought!"

- Albert Sheppard
Austin, Texas


He even uses the same stock photo.

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Unknown said...

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Unknown said...

lol Matt that's so true

how ironic hahaa

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