Tuesday, October 27, 2009

My McDonald's Blunder

So, the other day, I was at McDonald's ordering my daily double-quarter-pounder-with-cheese (no onions)...which I then eat on my way to work. Don't worry, my cholesterol is very low, my metabolism is very high and I weigh somewhere around 150lbs. Anyway, one of my triggers for blocking is...ordering food. I hate to order food almost as much as I hate answering the telephone. At the McDonald's where I stop, they know me very well and they always just automatically place my order when I approach because I order it so often. Bless them.

Not on the day in question.

To my dismay, as I approached, I noticed the cashier was someone I didn't know. Damn. I was going to have to tell her my order. Maybe I'd be fluent. Maybe I wouldn't be.

"Can I help you?"

Okay, breathe. You can do this. "I'd like...a double quarter pounder with cheese, no onions, please and a bottle of water." Yes! I did it!

Except, right after I ordered, she leaned over, one hand cupped to her ear. "I'm sorry, quarter pounder, sir?"

Shit! I almost can never say the same thing twice without stuttering. "Double quarter pounder. No onions. And water." I did it! Again!

But, she leans in once again. "I'm sorry, double quarter pounder and what?"

Okay, I'd had enough. "And a bottle of water! Geez!!"

At that point, she looked up, visibly blanched and said, "Sir, I have a hearing problem."

Well, I felt like a total loser. Not only that, but the people standing around all looked at me like I was pond scum. I was going to apologize and explain why I had become annoyed...but I just froze, paid for the sandwich and prayed it would arrive very fast so I could get the hell out of there. Interestingly, I have been to that same McDonald's like 5 times since and she hasn't been there. I wonder if she quit or something.

All said and done, it was an unfortunate event brought about by the meeting of two people with different communication problems and neither realizing it.


Manpreet said...

That was quite a gud experience ..And I feel for that lady and you too. It was not ur fault at all. Its our stuttering that has made us like this.

But if you see that lady in near future, you must apologise.

Stuttering Stanley said...

Yes, I fully intend to, I just haven't seen her yet. I'm sure she'll be grateful.

Ora said...

That sounds like a Larry David experience (Curb Your Enthusiasm).

Anonymous said...

wow! that was amazing experience! Like gift from GOD. Please make contact with that person !!! It will be very intresting if u could find that pareson say sorry to her, and talk about stmmering. Omg - GOD is playing with us

romiarora said...

it was nt ur fault at all. I mean bein a stutter u jus said it widout maintainin any eye contact n ya talkin abt d lady i feel bad 4 her but tis is life.God has made every1 4 a reason n ya hats off 2 u as u said ur order widout any hesitation.