Thursday, October 22, 2009

Steven Stanley on YouTube

Leys Geddes (left), Chair of, was good enough to alert me to the fact that Steve Stanley is now advertising his quack "stuttering cure" on YouTube. You'll remember that I've recently been blogging about Steve Stanley's 9-minute "stuttering cure" on this blog...I even purchased the cure for $37.00 so that I could find out what this cure is, since he doesn't reveal what it is in his advertisements. (scroll down to see the post where I explain what I purchased)
Leys wrote to me...

"We've been chasing Steve Stanley for over a year.  We've made six complaints to our Advertising Standards Authority about his entirely unsupported claims, and every single one of them has been upheld.  So what they call adjudications have been issued against Steve Stanley and Google, as his 'affiliate marketer, (i.e. they earn money for every click through from Steve's ads to one of his websites) telling them both to stop using these ads.  With a bit of luck, Google will encourage Steve to stop publicising all these incredible and irresponsible 'cure' claims, because it does not reflect well on them. That's probably why he's saying he may have to close down that site.

Steve has recently migrated to YouTube - enter stutter cure in the search box - where he continues to advertise his, er, cure - but for free, of course.  We are chasing him there too - see   I'm delighted to say that when the International Stuttering Awareness Day online conference opens on October 1st, Judy Kuster will be publicising this campaign."
I think we should all be aware of the latest scams that are out there, preying on the desperation of stutterers and stammerers to find a cure. It's the vilest form of deception because they seek to financially profit by exploiting the desperation of stutterers/stammerers like you and me who are desperate to find a cure. I encourage everyone who reads this to visit Steve Stanley's YouTube channel and let him know that we are aware of what he's doing and we are spreading the word to shut down scam artists like him.

Steve Stanley's YouTube channel:

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