Thursday, December 03, 2009

"Stuttering Remedy" Website

Recently, I was contacted via email by a person named "John Richards". At first I thought he was writing as a fan of my blog, but the true intent of his email became clear pretty quickly. He wanted me to visit his website where he is selling his "remedy" for stuttering which costs, you guessed it, $19.99.

He said that he cured his stutter by himself when he was 18 years old. He is now over 60 years old. But, he never thought much of his own cure until, amazingly, a little over a year ago, he "texted" his cure to a 16 year old who magically had his stutter cured in a matter of minutes! Aside from the "stuttering cure" part of all of what context would a 60+ year old man have opportunity to text with a minor? Did he have the permission of this minor's parents to contact him? Doesn't "John" know of the dangers of internet predators?

As you read through the site (which is structured much the same as all the scam-cure websites) it becomes obvious that "John Richards" is educated, not in speech therapy or pathology, but rather in rhetoric, emotion and how to say a whole while really saying nothing at all.

Consider this grandiose portion:

"After years of torment and useless expensive therapeutic treatments, that 16yo cured himself of his chronic stuttering in a matter of minutes by applying my suggestion which comprised one only line of text. In those few minutes his life transformed from a dark abyss to one of usefulness, value and purpose."

Only one line of text transformed the kid's life from a dark abyss to one of usefulness, value and purpose? I suffer from stuttering and it has been difficult on my life in many ways and is certainly a constant source of frustration...but my life is *far* from being useless, without value or having a lack of purpose. On the contrary, my stutter allowed me to succeed *despite* the affliction and that has only added to my life and to the purpose that I feel my life has. If that child's life lacked purpose, usefulness and value, I suggest that stuttering is not his biggest affliction, or that stuttering is even the cause of those problems...and I, I am *certain* one line of text could not have "cured" him.

I've known many stutterers in my life and none have said that stuttering renders their lives devoid of usefulness, value or purpose.

At the end of the website, you are, of course, asked to enter your credit card information and then are invited to read a two-part "hub" article on stuttering. They appear to be "informational" in nature, but he, of course, provides multiple links to his "Stuttering Remedy" website, inviting you to read more of his "elaborations" on stuttering.

Feel free to peruse his website yourself and even email him at


Stuart said...

I just heard a report on the radio news that said the advertising standards agency here in england have upheld a complaint against

Not sure what this means in real terms but it has lead me to your blog, so the scammers have done me a favour after all.

I have attended courses to cure my stutter (talk slow, you will be fine..) and have always kept an eye out for a credible cure without really holding out much hope.

Even after hearing the report I eagerly typed the url into google.

About ten seconds later I realised it was a scam, just the language used made me realise this person has never stammered.

Unfortunately I can all too easily understand others paying the money.

Your blog is excellent and it is always good to hear my experiences are shared and understood by others.

Keep up the good work.

Ora said...

Tony - Looks like the spammers have discovered your blog. You might have to start pre-screening comments, if this site allows it. That's what Tom Weidig has had to do on some occasions. I think he does not have the pre-screening turned on now, but I know he has in the past.